Order and Workflow Management System

As one of the world leaders in solid surface countertops, Cosentino developed a web-based software application to manage residential and commercial job workflow in the US. Cosentino partnered with Adept Developer in 2012 to help expand their in-house development team responsible for several applications including: JobTracker, JobTracker Lite and JobTracker Mobile.

We work closely with Cosentino's IT team including their web development team, SAP team, private fabrication division and national account teams. Adept Developer helped introduce key technologies to help streamline development including agile development strategies, non-linear development branching and advanced deployment techniques.

Technologies Used

  • ColdFusion
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • jQuery
  • jQuery UI
  • jQuery Mobile
  • REST
  • Ajax

Job Entry / Quoting

There are multiple ways to get information into JobTracker. Larger big box stores such as Home Depot and Lowes submit their orders electronically directly from each store's computer system. These jobs are fed and routed to the appropriate Customer Service Agent, Fabricator and Installer. Smaller stores are able to fax orders to specialized electronic fax systems that are then routed to a CSR for manual entry into the system. Orders can also be placed by phone or order form for other small markets, home builders and designers.

During job entry, all pricing is pulled from SAP to ensure accurate quoting to the customer. SAP is also queried to make sure the customer is in good standing with Cosentino before extending any credit to them.

JobTracker also allows for different types of jobs such as normal jobs, Service Calls, Add-ons and Remakes. Each type of job has different data points, workflows and business logic.

Job Workflow

After a job is created, it then follows a workflow depending on market, customer and job type. Workflows can be thought of as the brains or roadmap of a job. The workflow for a Home Depot job can differ quite a bit from the workflow for a Home Builder. This is all completely database driven using Microsoft SQL Server.

As a JobTracker user, depending on your access level you have the ability to update basic job information, upload files such as Purchase Orders, Drawings, Renderings, Quotes and step the job through the workflow. JobTracker has an integrated scheduling system using jQuery and AJAX that allows users to schedule different events such as Slab Viewing, Measurement, Installation and plumbing. The custom built scheduling system allows for resource allocation, holidays and notifications.

There are multiple mechanisms for customer surveys including features built in to JobTracker Mobile, Phone Surveys and Big box store survey imports. Surveys provide integral information on performance, cycle times and customer satisfaction.

JobTracker has a robust reporting system that allows users, managers and directors the ability to quickly get a snapshot of their operations. There are over 100 reports built into the system that allow access to job schedules, fabrication queue, survey responses and more.

JobTracker Mobile

While JobTracker was an existing application that Adept Developer was brought in to help maintain, improve and expand. JobTracker Mobile is a jQuery Mobile, browser-based application intended for use by Measurers and Installers in the field. JobTracker Mobile is a new product completely developed from the ground up by Adept Developer for Cosentino and integrates seamlessly with JobTracker.

JobTracker Mobile provides users with their daily job schedule when they log in, so they know what jobs they have on their slate. The application provides maps (powered by Google Maps) to the customer's location. It also has quick access to notify the customer they are en route to their home or business or the ability to "click-to-call" the customer.

JobTracker Mobile also provides electronic checklists for the Installer so that all information about the install is captured real time and sent back to the Customer Service Agent. Checklists provide the ability to have a variety of questions asked to the Installer such as Yes/No, Comments, Signature Capture and File Uploads for providing before and after pictures. Users are also able to take pictures and report a problem back to the fabricator directly through JobTracker Mobile.


Home Depot and Lowes

Big Box Store Integrations: Home Depot and Lowes

Home Depot provides a REST-based web service that we integrated with to allow real time delivery of Purchase Orders from Home Depot's system. We track new POs, updated POs and Cancelled POs. We can also send data back to Home Depot's system such as updated POs, change orders, documents and job status.

Lowe's uses Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) as a format for delivery new jobs from their system to JobTracker. We process Lowe's EDI files using True Commerce EDI software and ColdFusion to import those jobs into JobTracker for processing.

Google Maps Integration

Google Maps API Integration

We utilize several Google APIs through ColdFusion for mapping and geocoding features. Each job that is entered or updated in JobTracker is sent via ColdFusion to Google's Geocoding service that takes an address and converts it to latitude longitude coordinates that we can use to plot locations on a map. These locations are used in both JobTracker and JobTracker Mobile to help schedule jobs and provide Installers with the job location.

We also provide mapping services using Google's Direction API so that users know the best route to the job location. We also use mileage data provided by this API to help subcontractor payroll based on mileage surcharges.

Bit.Ly URL Shortener Integration

Bit.Ly Integration

We integrated with Bit.Ly's URL Shortening service in order to provide short URLs to send to customers for Job Completion Surveys. Through this integration we can programmatically shorten any URL, lookup URLs that we've shortened and check the status of customer click through on URLs.

Twilio SMS Integration

Twilio Integration

We've integrated with Twilio's Programmable SMS service using REST and OAuth from ColdFusion in order to send Customer Satisfaction Surveys to customers via SMS / Text Message. We can send messages through Twilio using Long or Short Codes to any mobile US phone number.